Temperature and Humidity chamber

Item Description

Temperature Range

Temperature range

: -70°C to 180 °C

Humidity range
: 25% RH to 98% RH

About Q vary enviro systems

Q Vary Systems designs and manufactures all types of refrigeration equipments that are suitable to industrial, laboratory, hospital and research centers. We pride ourselves in offering our customers competitive rates while maintaining the high standards of customer service we have built our reputation on. We also provide you with the products tailored to suit your individual requirements within your budget and timeline. Our wide array of products are categorized into Lab, Industrial & Commercial equipments. We strive hard to cater our clients with best product range and services while meeting international standards. Our aim is to meet the overwhelming demand of the scientific community and provide them the world class quality scientific instruments along with the best after sale support. Taking Environmental Product
Testing to the Next Level Thoroughly testing products prior to consumer use is vital to the success of your business. Q vary Series Chambers expose products to a variety of temperatures and humidity levels, offering a complete and comprehensive way to improve product reliability. Q vary Series Chambers provide accurate and reliable test results. With more standard features and better performance capabilities than comparable chambers on the market, Q vary Series Chambers improve products through dynamic testing solutions.