Ultra Air Chillers

Item Description

Q vary ULTRA air chiller economic model energy efficient and continues running ( 24X7) capability, less maintenance machine. Ultra air chiller can be used on non moisturized or dry air (minimum 2% RH) and 50 to 100 psig pressurized air (+25 to 30°C) ambient temperature give to inlet ,which will be cooled within few second i.e. output getting cooled to -60°C instantly at outlet port.

Salient features


: UACB009-DX-03

Cooling capacity : 09KW/3 PORT
Power : 440VAC_3PNE/ 7KW
Controller type : Microprocessor based PLC
Cooling type

: Pressurized air flow

Defrost : Manual ON / auto re-start
Safety alarm
: High pressure, over current Phase failure,
over/under , voltage, defrost

Safety device : MCB , OLR, Emergency stop switch

Ultra temperature air chiller Can be connected to three lath at simultaneously.The speciality of our Ultra air chillier is that various machines in parallel.Separate switches facilitated to ON the flow as needed.